July Fourth 2014

June 30th, 2014

Poor Kitty Hippy is being put upon. As I type, she’s hiding under the bed. These past three days, eight inch long black birds have been attacking her. They fly down, quickly grabbing at parts of her tail. We guess they’re protecting a nest.

In her younger years, Hippy would’ve turned and swatted each one down in flight. She was aggressive. Now, she cowers. When she goes out, she immediately seeks haven under a sweet spot, such as our car, the grill, or a bush. Normally, Hippy grabs at the frame of the screen door and may even chirp to come inside. Now, when she’s under attack, she yowls; and once inside, hides under the bed. Poor Hippy.

We tried to determine what bird this is. It’s the same bird that, in groups, may pester crows in flight. Brazen. We looked in our iBird Pro app, and thought it might be either a Common Grackle or a Brewers Blackbird. (Ooo, how mean—we intended to tease our kitty with the sound.) But experimenting in the backyard, we found the gawks didn’t exactly match. Nor did our photos precisely match graphics of the bird. (Of course, graphics aren’t necessarily fully trustworthy.)

But we didn’t sit in the backyard very long. It’s hot. This is the hottest time of year. We’re right on the cusp before our monsoon season (we hope) begins, and cooler temperatures reign.

In four days, Hippy’ll have her annual other reason to hide under the bed. After all the grilled hot dog snacks, bang! Pop! Boom! Pow! (Yowl!) We’re just two blocks away from Santa Fe’s fireworks. Yep, the Fourth of July.

Hippy In Dependence Day. Poor Kitty is so put upon.