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Cinco de Mayo 2016

by • May 2nd, 2016

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Tuesday last, the year’s first hummingbird of note hovered near the hook hanging from one of Junior Tree’s limbs. As if to say, “Well? Get with the plan!” Mi esposa promptly cooked sugar water and lifted three feeders into familiar places. Visitors flit by to drink themselves silly, especially at suppertime.

It seems as if it was only yesterday that snow flew. (Well, it was only yesterday—but that’s another story. Santa Fe weather.) Time flies.

Like the birds, we were caught short on sweet nectar—ours, coffee. We’d neglected to restock. Only enough beans to yield a four-cup pot. Utter fear and trepidation.

On May 4th, first Wednesday of the month, we celebrate what we call Old Farts’ Day: our grocery offers a 10% discount to seniors, and we pass inspection. We’ll surely fill the coffee coffer. Then, we’ll take the fifth.

That very next day, is Cinco de Mayo, always a sign of spring’s firm grip. (Except for an occasional quickly melting flake.)

Cinco de Mayo, ¡c! Celebrate war victory with drinks. Sometimes it seems as if folks pass the time with war and other political hostilities just because there’s nothing better to do.

Sweet nectar of life. Stay thirsty, my friends.