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Toy surprise inside!

by ✍ March 29th, 2015

“Toy surprise in every box.” That’s what I remember from childhood. Cracker Jacks—usually, a small wiggle picture in a tiny paper envelope. That’s what I keep waiting to see in my street and Post Office mailboxes.

Spring is in the air. One of those two times of year for an oil change. And not knowing whether to wear a wind breaker. No toy surprise when I venture out to check the box. Reasonably warm, though.

Kitty Hippy has Spring cleaning in the yard. A few lamebrained lizards wiggle out of hibernation—some up to six inches long—still slow. Inevitably, Hippy snags one and drags it to the backdoor. Flashes it and groans as if to say “Look what I got!” Then takes it a few feet away to toss her toy into the air until she gets bored enough to chew her gooey candy. Mmm…

Spring? Time, too, for taxes. And to fill out all those lizardly little form boxes, for the surprise that we owe a much heftier sum than we’d anticipated. Small refund in our mailbox this year? April Fools!

I shudder to think of the Congressional wind and bluster for which we’re paying. No wiggling out of it, though.

And dang! Can’t even afford the sweet price of tossing a wiggly congresscritter into our pocket. Surprise!