Clara and the Prince in the Land of Sweets

by ✍ October 31st, 2014

But wait! For a limited time only, call now and… Operators are standing by. Makes a great gift.

Yep. You guessed it. Tonight is the night. Kiddles knocking at the door for the yearly ration of chocolates. “Twick ooo tweet!” Interspersed, usually, with a few taller teens in tights twittering “Trick or treat!”

Tomorrow, year-end season ads begin. Soon, election propaganda ends: we may be thankful. (Yes, Thanksgiving soon, too and the year-end ads in earnest.)

We saw it coming. Walmart, Sam’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and some other stores had year-end goods available as early as July 4. Grinches.

In Moab (see older post), we turned up in a Dollar Store. The store clerk pushed year-end goods. (Update to that older post: a new hat’s on order and the transmission’s still shot.)

It’s never too early. Never. Life’s too short and then you die. Oh, wait…