APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM


by ✍ December 12th, 2014

From glib to pompous—the annual parade of year in review, best (or worst) [whatever] of the year, and prescience for the next year. Like what you’re reading now.

It gets old. If I had a nickel for every predictable puff, I’d be very rich. Not soon enough for gift-giving season, though.

No such refrains in, say, mid-March. Imagine it: the past 75 days in review, best (or worst) [something] of the past 75 days, what to expect for the next 75 days. Zzz…

Okay, if I had a nickel for every gripe I’ve written about year-end habits, I’d have several nickels. Enough is enough. (We haven’t won the lottery you don’t have to enter to win, either. Our ship didn’t come in. Not enough water in the street, I reckon. Dang!)

We no longer exchange year-end gifts: we’ve reached an understanding with family and friends that we already have enough “stuff”. Same for birthdays. But for mi esposa I crafted a little surprise for the morning of her birthday.

Her laptop wallpaper is a photo of the Graceful Arch near Moab, Utah. I copied it and overlaid a transparency of balloons, adding a birthday greeting and signature. On the night before, I’ll install it so she’ll see it first thing in the morning. Life in review. Good enough.

I’m a little older: she’ll never catch up.

Think mortality: not enough. What it means is, each day that goes by is another day you lack. Lackaday, lackaday.