In honor of Joan Rivers

September 8th, 2014 (by )

Joan Rivers (6/8/33-9/4/14) said, Life is very tough. If you don’t laugh, it’s tough.

Yep, I’ve suggested it before. Here it is again, in excruciating detail. An idea for a World Joke Day. Here’s how it goes.

You enjoy laughing, right? You know you do. You have even in your very earliest memories. A grin. Giggles. Snorts. A good rolling belly laugh. Think back.

Now, let’s do it again. Once per year. Use your imagination! You and I know you can do it.

Get prepared ahead of time. (You may grin or giggle under your breath while preparing; but maybe don’t let on, because the element of surprise could be important!)

But note: I’m not talking about April Fools Day. I’m talking about out-and-out straightforward laughter.

Then, when that day comes, as I said, be prepared. No matter what you’re doing, just stop it. And make someone laugh.

Now, it may be that, there’s a lot of overlap. Say you work in an office, and two folks choose to make the same person laugh. Well, then, they’ll just have to take turns, right? And, of course, someone else might overhear and laugh too. That’s cool. Just do it.

It could be a good story, or Groucho glasses, or an unexpected whoopee cushion or simulated flatulence, or So this bald tire walks into a bar… or…use your imagination.

I’m surely in no way world-wise: I wonder what would be funny even in—say—Japan.

Let’s try a World Joke Day. The laughter might just become…addictive.

So this bar walks into a…Oh, wait.