APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM

You cain’t hide yer lyin’ eyes… ♪

One might with some validity wonder whether many of society’s most grave problems these days—including climate change, privacy incursions, immigration disputes, and terrorism—reflect simple overpopulation. There’s too many folks.

We decided 31 years ago not to be fruitful and multiply. Lazy, I reckon. One kitty and a yardful of plants are a handful. Kitty Hippy and Junior Tree—what great kiddles for old age.

Meanwhile, as J. Alfred Prufrock said, “I have known the eyes already, known them all—The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase.” The politicians who formulate phrases to eliminate corruption. Yet there is still rampant corruption. Their smiles are a thin disguise.

We vote. Too often, though, there is but one official running for an office, and the choice is to vote, or not. Then again too, the choice is between two: one of one great and traditional party and one of the other. No stepping outside the box.

Why is this important? As times grow tough, rampant lack of effective management. Yes, management is a skill. We need carefully to manage what less we have.

We see school boards meeting behind closed doors to approve large contract buyouts for departing superintendants. An NM Secretary of State accused on 64 counts of fraud, theft, and money laundering. An exciting report on the most corrupt members of Congress…

Should we pursue truth in advertising all the way to the top? No, politicians carefully wrote an exception for political campaigns. Freedom of speech. Trust me.

It’s fair to remember, Diogenes still walks the streets.

One might with some validity wonder whether many of society’s most grave problems these days reflect simple overabundance of doofuses. Lazy, I reckon. There’s too many folks.

By definition, half of all people are below average.