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Earth Day 2014

April 20th, 2014

Don’t tell. We fetched a couple buckets of dirt from a dry arroyo nearby. Fine sandy earth makes a good bed for river rocks around the edge of the driveway. When they redid the driveway, we had to pull all the rocks aside to make way. Now, they go back. Not as simple as it might sound.

Over the years, mi esposa has collected a horde of special rocks. Hundreds of smooth rounded river rocks for the sides of the driveway nearest the sidewalk; several flagstones for stepping out from cars, and various other rocks, geodes, and stones for raised flower and cactus beds here and there.

Did I mention she’s a cactophile? Yes, at least three cactus patches in our yard (I’d guess over twenty varieties, all told), plus her cactus project with a local gardening group. Xeric landscaping with an attitude.

Earth Day rolls around again on April 22. Our cigarette company sent us a flowerpot made of recycled cigarette butts, a cube of dirt waiting for water, and a chit of recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant Kool-Aid.

And we may feel greener now that our city has banned most plastic bags: folks are either paying for paper or carrying their re-usable bags to the grocery. (Dang! No more plastic bags for Kitty Hippy’s poo.)

Still, green? Not quite. This past was our driest winter on record. I can only wonder what fires the summer will bring. Guess I’ll do some laundry so we can water the earth around Junior Tree, and hope hailstones doesn’t give us yard salad again.

Happy Earth Day. Let no stone go unturned.


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