APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM


by ✍ February 19th, 2015

I have a smart phone, but I’m not a hip texter. I’m torn about using a lot of abbreviations. Faddish? Passé? Moi? But watch this. Though you may find it tl;dr, I’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat.

From my earliest years, I enjoyed the great comedians. The Three Stooges cracked me up. I loved Lucy. I giggled at Red Skelton’s Clem Kadiddlehopper. Jonathan Winters made me laugh so hard my eyes watered. And Robin Williams made my ears ring. So many comediennes and comedians before, between, and after: too many to list. LOL.

Laughter delights.

So, on to the present. We visited our local, shall we say, alternative grocery—part of a nationwide chain. “Whole Paycheck”, we call it; you get what you pay for, they’d say. One might be labeled as hip or, alternatively, faddish, to shop there. It certainly calls for carrying a smart phone to read the shopping list while texting home for updates to fill the environment-friendly cloth bag. CRS. (We buy cookies.)

A certain label is prominent on many items in the store: “gluten-free”. On a bottle of (wholistic, of course) hair conditioner, we saw—wait for it—“gluten-free”. WTF,O? Think about it. (But remember: glutens are people, too.)

But maybe they’re onto something. Maybe there’s a market for free-range smart phones and low-carbon-footprint pencils made without animal testing.

The take-away? I see the world offers a continuous supply of great comics. May your hare be gluten-free. ROFL