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Cinco de Mayo 2014

by ✍ May 2nd, 2014

Dang, it’s been cold. Unseasonably. “Global warming” with an attitude. I guess it’ll get back to normal this weekend. I feel robbed of spring.

I’ve been using the cold time to stay inside and sort through twenty thousand digital photos. Mi esposa’s a shutterbug with an attitude. That’s a story for another time.

(And, of course, a burgeoning slew of shed Kitty hairs leads to occasional remnants on the laptop screen. Dang!)

Yeah, global warming. Drought and wildfires in California and beginning in my desert Southwest. Snow here and there. Wild tornados and flooding in the midwest and south. All more intense (seems to me) than when I was a kid. Off topic.

Today, mi esposa’s garden group has its spring members-only plant sale. Followed this weekend by its garden fair for the public. Spring rites to get plants going for the greening season.

Cinco de Mayo? May 5 is this coming Monday (as I write). Not a lot of celebration of Zaragoza’s success at Puebla. More a rite of spring and a time of jubilance.

So, here in my warming largely Hispanic desert Southwest city, the annual rites of spring arrive. Before the summer wildfires. Think I’ll break out a fifth and stir up a cold one.

Stay thirsty, my friends.