Planned obsolescence

by ✍ November 21st, 2014

About three weeks and five thousand bucks after our trip to Moab, we have a new transmission. (Oh, and, I have a new hat—see older post.)

Five thousand bucks? Near three quarters the Blue Book value of the vehicle. But we had to do it either to keep it in use (which we will) or to avoid merely selling it as scrap metal. We gave it a test drive, trying to be unusually brutal. Hoping not to hear click, click, clackety, grr, groan, spit, growl, pop, thunk, clang, clang, wheeze…

All was well. The mechanic figures it has a good five years of life left. I hope that’s conservative. If I knew I had but five years of life left, I’d be…er…taking certain steps. (Makes me think.)

Meanwhile, another of our machines nears the end of its life. I updated an older iPad to the latest iOS version. It went whacko. Performance? It was as sluggish as a snail. A pen and pencil, almost. And it lost all contact with the (glorious) iCloud—no sharing with the other little toys in our family. Dang!

Finally, after much ado, I “Reset All Content And Settings” (meaning, erased the iPad altogether). Then restored it from an iCloud backup—ironic, since it’d lost touch with the iCloud. Then, of course, I had to reshape its unique personality into a shell of its former self. Similar, but different.

It probably has one new iOS version left. I keep waiting for it seize up with gulp, halt, unh, er, what…? A stroke of sorts. (Makes me think.)