APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM

Keep calm and carry on

by ✍ August 4th, 2014

Did you see that? No, I didn’t think so. No one else did, either. Wait.

Write about drought: rain comes. Lower the umbrella: rain comes. Cover the grill to protect its electronics from rain: rain stops. Until we uncover it to ready supper. Weather predictors better than the NWS itself. Cause and effect.

First day of our “monsoon” included a healthy dose of hail. I was alarmed—Junior tree might get shredded into salad again, like last year. But the pellets this time were mere specks by comparison. Afternoon thunder pops, all alarming to Kitty Hippy. And a free car wash.

Later, our bedside alarm radio’s failed battery light flashed red. (Not bedside—it’s on our headboard. And not really an alarm. A couple hours of NPR news purr to snooze.)

Batteries for a plug-in radio? I pried them out: corrosion. Dang! I fumbled radio settings: time, alarms, stations. Corrosion usually ruins, but I replaced them. Plug in, no battery light (!), tedium of restoring settings. (Alarmed, I checked new radios online. Ours is gone. Some new ones have parts of, but none has all of, the things we like.)

Later, that very same month, we drove to a lecture on cochineals: insects used as a source for red dye. Little things one might mistake for bird droppings on cactus paddles or chollas. Did you know these bugs were second only to silver as a desired import by the Spanish from the “New World”?

We thought to take a side road home—a dirt road. Halfway through, though, we were alarmed by a 50-yard-long arroyo blockage from recent rains, out in the middle of nowhere. We might have made it, we might have been stuck in the mud. But we turned back. Red-faced.

…Act as if nothing happened. Then I turned around and…