APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM

Life and times

Words count. Words mark our path in the dust. I write to tell you of the clear sky in my dusty land. And now and then to give you a grin.

My “Letters to the Editor” show up in the Santa Fe New Mexican. They accept up to 150 words monthly. If the urge presses—and it often does—I write here.

“Albo P Fossa”? Just words. Comune di Fossa is a small medieval village in the hinterland of L’Aquilla, in the Abruzzo region of Italy; a place rich in history, archeology and nature, awaiting anyone seeking refuge from the frenetic city. (GPS: 42.295081,13.487290) It’s known for its ancient necropolis (fossa: pit).

The “P” stands for “Jesse”. Like IBM stands for computers. Or a tree stands in the forest. Or a responsible man stands for human decency. Or I stand in line at the grocery.

I started out as a very young child. From watching westerns in those days I dreamt of places like this. Even then, I couldn’t get enough of its clear skies, dry and odd-shaped landscapes, its music and—what passed as, there—its food. Until, twenty-three years later, I finally came home. A long path.

In 2003 I launched APFwebs. In 2006 I opened a blog. In 2013 the site became the blog. Or vice versa.

It took so long to get to this moment. But here I am now, and I can get around to what I was going to do. If only words could talk, they’d speak volumes. Listen.


WordPress powers the blog. I butchered his original H5 template so heavily, Jeff Starr might say “Moi?”

I write from memory. I make liberal use of words from the English language under presumption of public domain.