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Ammonia, ammonia, ammonia

Get off, get off, get off

I’m an old fart spending declining years in support of an even older fart, near 90 and dementia-ridden.

On June 6, in the Associated Press, Andrew Soergel said, “Some younger workers view aging workforce negatively.” He described younger workers resenting the old farts working too long and holding them back from promotions and even jobs.

Yet we’ve seen that many—perhaps most—of these younger workers bemoan the burden of old farts upon debt and time because of their long lives and support drain.

Let’s draw this to its logical end. Let’s have an age line at which a person shall be removed. Let each younger worker sign and publicly promise to be removed at that age, so as not to be a further burden on younger workers and so as not to present societal drain. For if these younger workers will not sign and honor such a vow, they are not only hypocrites and liars, but damned liars.

And today’s old farts may flinch. For such stupidity—or liars—are the mark they’ve left upon the world.

Return on investment.

I didn’t mean “I’m on yuh.” I mean “Ammonia.”

I don’t care what you mean. Just… “Get off, get off, get off.”