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As the World Turns

In 1956, the TV soap’s theme was simple: “As the world turns, we know the bleakness of winter, the promise of spring, the fullness of summer, and the harvest of autumn—the cycle of life is complete.”

In 1967, The Graduate we heard:

The world’s turned a few times, through a few Earth Days. The 2018 plea is “End Plastic Pollution”.

In January, Trump gagged EPA employees from making social media posts or speaking with journalists. Trump’s EPA head is Scott Pruitt, who denies human involvement in climate change. Pruitt’s denials have gutted EPA progress; his behavior has gutted ethics.

In March, Trump banned DOE use of the phrases “climate change” or “Paris Agreement”. (On TV, Trump’s DOE head failed to remember the EPA.)

Science Reports says the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has grown to 600,000+ square miles—more than twice the size of Texas. That’s more than 18 trillion pieces weighing more than 88,000 tons.


I drink from my plastic water cup. My plastic tuner has acquired TV background noise as I type this post on my plastic-filled and -cased iPad.

…as the world turns.