Black lives matter

I thought of Kent State. Four dead in Ohio. *

I saw George Floyd yell “I can’t breathe!” I saw him held by a knee on his neck for 8 minutes.

Protests became riots, cars bombed, merchants threatened, stores smashed, buildings burned. The National Guard was called in for crowd control. An unsympathetic and callous President: now, Scummy Trump; then, Tricky Dick.

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming. We’re finally on our own.

Fifty years. Then, I didn’t wonder about riots promoting peace. Now I’ve wondered about the cost to black lives, both in the destroyed businesses and in the crowds.

I came to Santa Fe in a VW van amidst a rebellion against a broken society. I sit here now with Santa Fe and the world broken, by a virus and by riots. Will the circle be unbroken?

Black lives matter. All lives matter.