APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

By the light of the Moon

The Moon went dark.

We braved the cold for quick glances as the bright slid away. At near 10, the last sliver of light vanished. After a brief cold awe, we fled for warmth.

Seen one eclipse, yuh seen’em all, right? I heard later a meteorite crashed into the moon during the eclipse. I guess that accounts for all those pockmarks.

And to think: all the planets in the solar system could fit in the distance between the Earth and the Moon. That’s a long way for the Earth to cast a shadow.

But enough of that. Moon, schmoon. On to another note: Thomas Crapper Day.

The day, on January 27, commemorates the death of Thomas Crapper in 1910. He’s known as the inventor of the flush toilet. No more cold trips to that outhouse with the moon carved into its door.

The full moon shines through the bathroom skylight as I sit in warm eclipse.

Happy Crapper.