By this time tomorrow it’ll be an hour later


We have various devices to measure and display the passage of time in our zone. Among them, our most important aren’t automatic.

For some we type the time, others we dial-adjust, and a couple others have a simple toggle switch.

But then there’s the coffee maker: a different story. The instructions say, “Press and hold the Hr./Min. Button until you reach the current time. The AM or PM indicator will light at the top of the display.” Right.

What happens is, press the button and the time displayed begins to advance slowly, then speeds up, and you have to hope your hand and finger have the willpower to leap up just at or shortly before the correct time. (Dang! Passed it. Start over.) All for a warm morning buzz.

For all these devices, while setting, we may keep an (automatic) iPhone close at hand to verify the changed display. Every clock on the same page, more or less, depending on how deft a setting finger may be.

Then the bedside radio (hopefully) helps us out of bed in the darkness an hour earlier (instead of helping us sleep) to an already-brewed pot of Black Lightning. Leap!

Daylight Saving Time. I’ve wondered whether we’re saving daylight for posterity, and if so, how they’ll use it. Maybe they’ll lighten the darkness and bring hope to a desparate world. Or maybe they’ll lighten the garage and do a load of laundry.

The Shadow knows.