Cinco de Mayo 2023

Think of all that eructation and flatulation.

Cinco de Mayo is a big methane contributor. Not earth friendly. Since the 1980s, liquor companies have lent great spirit to Cinco. In 2013, Cinco beer sales were greater than either the Super Bowl or Saint Patrick’s Day. Urrp…gimme ‘nuther one o’them bean burriters! PthhPhooThrrpSsss!

Cinco de Mayo is more popular in the US than in Mexico. Mexican products, culture, foods, and music have brightened the day since the 1940s. We don’t contribute to the beer binge. We’re more into the hard stuff: I’ll take the fifth.

The Law of Fives is never wrong. Think of Cinco de Mayo. 5/5, and the year 23 (2+3). Believe it or don’t.

We’ll have an easy meal at home after cocktail hour. We may even mix up a margarita! ¡Qué viva!