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Days of Our Lives

Albo P Fossa—May 30, 2022

Every day has a name.

Wednesday, June 1, is Flip a Coin Day, for all life’s hard choices. An app we had from day one was Coin Toss. A quarter spun to show heads or tails. We used it to pick “Laundry Day: today or tomorrow?” (Indecision? “Oh please oh please land on tails!”)

After years of magic quarters, I chose the elegant “Either/Or+” app. Red and blue balls grow on the screen, ending with a full screen of one or the other. For indecision, we’d “red-or-blue it”. As in, “Eat in or eat out? Red-or-blue it.”

Take Brian Crane’s “Pickles” on September 28, 2018. Opal says, “Ugh! Why are we always so indecisive?” And Earl, “We’re not indecisive! … Or maybe we are. Who knows?” We can imagine Opal, “Red, we’re indecisive. Blue, we’re not.” And Earl, “Whatever.”

So June 1’s new name: Red or Blue Day?

Like sands through the hourglass, the names go on. June 2’s mediocre name is “Thursday” this year. But it’s also National Moonshine Day. And it’s also National Bubba Day. Yup. Which will you celebrate? Red or blue it.

(And another Laundry Day’s not far away. Come on blue!)