Earth Day 2023

We lit Earth Hour.

Our bulbs stayed lit, our candles unlit. For many years we’d darkened the hour. Since Earth Hour (and Blog Action Day) started. We forgot. Now here’s Earth Day, April 22, started in 1970.

After decades, Earth has grown.

More severe. Drought. Prolonged heat and cold. Wildfires. Floods. Tornadoes and hurricanes. More humans, by about double, from over 3.7 billion to near 8 billion. With more people there’s more room for foolishness.

We’ve been fruitful and multiplied. We’ve made a mess and haven’t cleaned up after. Mother Earth is angry. Starvation, thirst, land and resource needs, war. Crowding. Get outta my way!

So how do we manage? Some have managed. Aints.

We looked in our dishwasher and found aints. Bunches of aints. We hadn’t run the dishwasher because there weren’t enough dirties yet. But we sloppily left its door cracked. Aints. They know. We ran a dishwasher cycle to get the aints. Last one out has to clean up after.

Aints are fruitful and multiply, too. But I think aints may last beyond humans’ ability to sustain their reproduction.

Did someone say, “Aints are people too”?