APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

Fall wrap-up

On schedule.

We had joked our back porch might be finished “by the time the snow flies”. (Porch? Jill calls it portale. Potāto potäto .) A wild idea in March, finished two weeks before our first in-town snow. Makes a great gift.

Trick-or-treaters? Thirteen (including four pubescent daypack wearers, possibly grudging no excuse for egging). That’s less than a tenth our record some years ago. But Santa Fe has grown south: better pickings away from us and closer to home. The weather outside was frightful: not a fit night out for little men or beasts. Predictably, we overbought treats. Now we’ve tossed the pumpkins. Makes a great gift.

’Tis the season. Halloween news told us of merchants stocking up for Black Friday. The morning of November 1, Amazon (AMZN) stock was down: an ideal time to buy. (Get it? Buy?) Morning TV rang out Jingle Bells. The shopworn year-end routine with familiar ads changed by inset snowflakes️ and candycanes, overlaid funny hats, and appended “Makes a great gift.”

At least, in a week, the familiar refrains of the Nutcracker Suite and images of tin soldiers️ will crack through the nutty political season shots between our tin soldier politicians. Election day is nigh. Makes a great gift.

But there’s an extra Jolly Old Man this year. He’s ready to anull a Constitutional Amendment by Executive Order and send more troops️ to protect the border than the number of troops the US has in the Middle East. Policing the World. A cheap sci-fi porn comic: the Dark Night BadMan️ and his sidekick Robbin’️ protecting Got’em Čity. (Stripping starry-eyed children from their parents. Paid by Mexico, of course. Makes a great gift.)

Where once there was wonder, now there is only… wonder. Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt.

Tonight we will grab our cocktails for a moment and get rednosed on our porch—er…portale—and if it does, which it won’t, ♪led id znow, led id znow, led id znow♪.

Makes a great gift! (°Hic°)