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Halloween 2020 🎃

—October 30, 2020

A dark night: we’ll not welcome tricker-treaters. No cleared driveway; no Jack-o’-lantern; lights off outside and street-side rooms; blackout curtain in doorstep window: we’ll not answer the door. Later we’ll have to deal with treats bought long before the Covid19 trickster.

Dia de los Muertos (dias: October 31 through November 2) brings ofrendas decorated with marigolds and calaveras. Folks (in groups of no more than five, masked and separated?) share stories, jokes and smiles about the fondly remembered dead.

Like Connery. Sean Connery. (Sir Thomas). R.I.P., age 90.

We fondly remember life before the Covid19 boogie man. And on Sunday, we fondly remember summer, and summers past.

Some things die a day late for ofrendas: political groans on TV.

Each trickster’s ad shows the other’s face. Candidate A wails about Candidate B, and B☞ about ☜A. They moan that corrupt numbskulls☠︎ decorate government. Then they decorate. No rest for the wicked.

Driveway signs haunt for weeks after: whispers of what might have been… Listen for La Llorona… Congress yowls “Maybe…”, Judges growl “Guilty!”, and agency office clerks howl “Next!”

Next after Halloween? Christmas: the Black Friday sales have already begun. Next after the election? Guess.

Trick or treat. Fall back.