Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 ♥︎


Little sugar hearts. Daniel Chase invented “Motto Hearts” for Necco in 1866. New England Confectionery Company. Little boxes of “Sweethearts” came around.

For homework, each child wrote a card. They wrote simple greetings. Like “Will you be my Valentine?” Pop quiz: draw and color a heart shape. The teacher shuffled the cards. On the last schoolday, the teacher passed out cards. With little candy hearts, so no one felt left out. Some kids hoped their cards would go to some other in particular.

Kids might feel warmed. Or bored, embarrassed, miffed, bored, or at least well treated for a moment. That was so long ago. Time flies. Who writes cards? Now you might find emoji: ♥︎ TEXT ME ♥︎ EMAIL ME ♥︎ MESSAGE ME ♥︎ Be who’s? Luv? What? Candy hearts? Ick.

The brats are in government. They scream “Liar!” They whine, “You cheated!” They slap each other on the wrist when they misbehave. They keep each other from getting a piece of pie without adding a piece of pork.

And then time comes to get something done. They see who can talk longest about other things. Blah, blah, blah… (They didn’t listen when Mommy said it’s impolite to speak with their mouths open.) Symbolic “Boos” between pee breaks. Writing? Get someone else to do their homework. No hearts? No LUV? Witless.

Could the heated inaction of old farts blowing smoke in Congress contribute to global warming? Oh, the Humanity! Are earthquakes a sign of global warming? (Does fracking count? Hmm…)

So never mind for now. It snowed. Last week or two, heavy snows east and even worldwide (among earthquakes). Low snow piles from previous snows lingered along shadowed areas along yard walls. It was cold.

Some years this time it’s been warmer. Soon. Time to drag out shortsleeved shirts on some days. Be a Spring Doofus in light of warmer times ahead. But it’s too soon to commit. Hence, Doofus. Global Warming hasn’t gone that far. Yet.

And the Spring Doofus may yet fetch a shortsleeved shirt too soon.

My heart is warm at this moment, My One True Love. ♥︎ HUG ME ♥︎ SWEET ONE ♥︎ LUV YOU ♥︎