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I mean, really, you know?

—April 24, 2021

What can I say?

Empty phrases oil the cogs of our thoughts. Instead of “This page intentionally left blank,” we have “Uhmm…” or “I draw a blank.” The blank speaks for itself.

Today’s editorial was “Biden must keep promises on immigration.” Somebody oughta do something: empty phrase?

The gripe was Trump’s cruel and divisive closing of scores of Offices of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). Trump’s harshness was a matter of course. Trump was a whining baby, full of lies and empty phrases.

Reversing Trump’s horrid legacy will take many great minds—enough to outnumber any one group alone, be they all liberals, conservatives or independents. Lots of them must join in the fix.

The article urged re-opening ORR and adding ORR employees. More bureaucrats: an empty phrase.

Folks zapped Biden (rightly) for over-crowded refugee housing. Biden can’t keep promises on immigrants with more ORR bureaucrats.

It’ll take much more housing—both to build it (construction workers) and to run it (medical folk). And their management, quality control, monitors, auditors, and office personnel. And chairs, computers, Bics, Post-Its, Scotch tape, masks, toilet paper, door keys, janitors, utilities, vehicles, insurance, pensions, and on, and on…

Ours is NOT a wealthy nation right now, with extreme spending for Covid19 aid to individuals, communities, and businesses. Not to mention new infrastructure repairs, environmental investments, economic recovery, social equity, and blah, blah, blah.

Keeping promises takes money. A nation that is not wealthy must acquire the money. Where from? Taxes. Yet, many folks are money-stressed by Covid19.

And for the folks griping about Biden’s promises versus their willingness to pay more taxes? Nag, nag, nag. An empty phrase? Uhmm…

You know, I mean, really.

In my opinion.