APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

In search of the sample ballot

“Well, anything could happen.”

That’s the enlightenment our local TV station gave us. Volcanic eruptions shake Hawaii. Many local media guess at earthquakes and eruptions in New Mexico. Go figger: anything.

New Mexico primaries are on tap. The airwaves bristle with political ads. (Unlike our drought-ridden yard, which doesn’t bloom with flowers, bees, and hummingbirds this year.)

By habit, we vote early. We sought sample ballots to study. A casual online search yielded nothing. An email to my favorite local paper, the Santa Fe Reporter, yielded the suggestion we visit the County Clerk. (The Reporter will publish “endorsements” at month’s end, a little late to have bearing on our early votes.)

Dutifully we visited the County Clerk. The folks had samples for all but our precinct, and suggested we visit later. We did, the next day: still none. They suggested we visit the NM Secretary of State website. Success!

I printed a sample ballot. I spent a day reading candidate websites (which is to say, lists of promises). I also found various news items and the superb League of Women Voters’ Voter Guide 2018. Much reading: somewhat informed selections—more so than by the enlightenment of TV ads alone.

But anything could happen.

After all, a TV reality star—skilled in hucksterism and hype—is President. Only in America.

Go figger: anything.