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International Bacon Day

Albo P Fossa—September 2, 2022

Everything goes better with bacon.

Even bacon goes better with bacon. Something about bacon makes you want some. Think bacon.

I glanced at Wikipedia’s pages about Sir Francis Bacon and Bacon’s Rebellion. While notable, they’re nothing to write home about. Go straight for the meat. “Bacon mania”.

There you’ll learn of chicken fried bacon, the most artery-clogging food possible. How about an alarm clock that wakes you to the smell of cooking bacon? Or keep it simple: bacon air fresher—would that be “Glade with Bacon”? Wikipedia shows an exhaustive and surprising International list of bacon recipes.

Bacon: the sixth major food group.

Bacon deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Think of Cobb salad helping the World Climate Summit reach speedy accord. Serve up some bacon at a joint session of Congress: less friction?

Bacon: the great piecemaker. Everything goes better with bacon.

We stocked up on bacon to prepare. For breakfast on International Bacon Day we had bacon tacos. For dinner, we had bacon quesadillas. We’ll have very fulfilling slices of celebration.

Send these, the waiting bacon strips, to me,
I lift my skillet by the golden door!