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International Joke Day 2022

Albo P Fossa—June 24, 2022
July 1, International Joke Day, is a time to blow away the bad news and sniff out something funny. Get it?

A man walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “>Hey, gimme free beer if I show you something amazing you’ve never seen before?”

Bartender says, “Sure, but it’d better be good.”

Man reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a hamster. He sets the hamster down on the bar, and the hamster runs along the bar, jumps off the end, turns a somersault in midair and lands on the piano. He then proceeds to play the piano beautifully. Bartender says, “Wow! That was incredible! Have a beer.”

Man finishes his beer and says to the bartender, “Hey, if I show you something else amazing that you’ve never seen before, will you give me another free beer?”

Bartender says, “If it’s as amazing as the hamster, sure.”

So the man reaches back into his coat pocket, and pulls out a frog. He sets the frog down on the bar, and the frog begins to sing beautifully. The bartender is again amazed, and gets the man another beer.

As the man is drinking his beer, a guy rushes over and says “Holy shit! A singing frog! I’ll give you $200 for that frog!”

Man says “Deal!” and sells him the frog. Bartender walks over and says, “Not that it’s any of my business, but that was a singing frog, for heaven’s sake. Why’d you sell it for only two hundred bucks? You could’ve made millions off of it.”

Man says, “Nah, not to worry. The hamster’s also a ventriloquist.”