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July 4 2022

Albo P Fossa—July 3, 2022

Dog Days start the day before.

Dog Days refer to the Dog Star Sirius. It hangs at Orion’s foot. Heel! But Sirius seems the brightest star. For navigation, it’s a guide dog. Arf!

Star paths change through the year. Near the start of Dog Days on July 3, Sirius rises with the sun. Sirius becomes the Morning Star.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Dog Days may mark summer’s worst growl. Dog Days may mean drought or thunderstorms, lethargy, and mad dogs. Grrr…ruff!

A gentle start to Dog Days, we’ve had thunderstorms. Instead of summer’s worst heat, we got cooler temperatures and monsoon rains. Much-needed water fed Junior Tree, grasses, and other yard life. Even New Mexico’s monster wildfires seemed to gape in awe. Bark!

Hot on the heels of the start of Dog Days comes the Fourth of July, for what it’s worth. As Dog Days begin, pops and whistles punctuate the night. Soon, all the lights will recall bombs bursting in air. Yip!

Then thousands, now millions, yowl and bark for new lead dogs for the US. They meet in serious confusion in fifty separate but equal packs. Arf!

The US lead dogs have three separate but equal clans. They meet in a state of bitter inaction. A small clutch chews long and hard on lead ropes. A mad dog nips at the alpha’s butt. Grrr…Ruff!

The backyard birdbath is full from monsoon rains. Angry packs of protesters growl at the lead dog clans. And we enjoy the cool air listening to pops and whistles outside near the back door.

The laundry in the dryer will soon be done. Fetch!