Kids these days

Imagine life before iPhones.

This blog began in 2006. That was near two decades ago. I wrote of scientists finding Tsunami survivors. Their culture had no sense of the passage of time.

Apple’s iPhones came a year later, in 2007. Folks camped in front of Apple stores to get the next big thing. Before it was out of stock.

Today, can those campers afford Apple’s next big thing for their kiddles? To replace last year’s, which they’re ready to toss? (Americans throw out over 400,000 smart phones a day. Beats my blog posting rate.)

October 15, 2007 was Blog Action Day. Bloggers worldwide got together to speak about one topic: environment. In those years was Barack Obama’s first electoral campaign. “Yes we can!”

But we didn’t.

On my iPhone now I see record heat warnings and election fraud convictions. A new iPhone model comes out in three days. With about 16 times the memory of the first iPhone, its 15-times-over grandparent.

Kids these days.