Labor Day 2022

The first Monday in September marks a celebration of laborers.

By 1894 it became an official three-day weekend. We honor laborers’ works and contributions to American progress.

Now, too, it marks the start of bargain prices for year-end shopping. Watch the ads. Workers can spend less for more fruits of their labors.

Labor Day marks the end of summer. Fall sports start. Parents’ cars line up in no-parking zones for kiddles at day’s end. Back to school days. We may remember reading that brings a smile; but to work for a pop quiz, forget it. (Quick! Who knows the name and abbreviation of the 11th element? Raise your hand!)

Meanwhile, I sit here busy as a bee typing this labor of love on a system of which Steve Jobs said, “It just works.”

Workers of the world, unite!

Musta been a commie said that. Danged Prole.