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New Mexico State Virus

—January 4, 2022

The Greater roadrunner is New Mexico’s State bird.

The white plastic bag is our State decoration. The Common raven should be our State bird brain.

Why do the KFC bags cross the road? From roads past ditches the wind leads their dance onto fence tines. Some laws cut bags’ flight from fast food joints, groceries, and other retailers. Covid19 brought single-use bags back to roost.

Bottles, cans, and liquor ponies splatter the byways. Covid19 added hand sanitizer minis and single-use blue plastic gloves. Paper masks alight in parking lots near butt nests. Single-use napkins and mealware feather the dumpsters.

Our passing detritus: the fickle finger flicks, and having flicked, moves on.

Ravens prance in parking lots for tossed morsels. Some bring burger buns and fries to our backyard birdbaths. Softened nuggets make birdfill, not landfill. Ravens are safe from Covid19.

Santa Fe County boasts a 71% full vaccination rate. Some southern counties, choosing freedom from vaccination, boast a rate as low as 25%. We pay for their ventilators. Choose freedom over flu, diptheria, measles, polio, smallpox, tetanus, and tuberculosis vaccines. Shots are for the birds.

Crows caw. Ravens chuckle.