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New Year’s Day 2021

Hindsight is 2020. (Oof.)

Lots of “[insert year]: a look back” reviews as usual. Swap out dead-tree calendars: 365 fresh new pages. Get used to “/21”. Fill in the blanks.


In a ’20 dead-tree calendar we tracked the rise and fall of new Covid19 cases. We saw rises, declines, surges. We swapped grins and groans.

In my ’20 calendar I thumbed a new #StayHome hobby: a product tracking diary. I looked online for usual product lives; with those in mind, I logged my own.

I tracked soap. Surprise: a sinkside bar for frequent 20-second handwashing far outlasts the daily shower bar. For toothpaste and brushes the hinted usual is a month. But my paste went a month and a half. My bamboo brush and razor cartridge are still hardy.

I’ll track my pocket notepads. I haven’t tracked a toilet paper roll. So to speak. Plenty toilet paper to go around in most places: no more deep cracks in the supply chain.

Laundry? In usually less than a week the grim abyss of the washer gapes wide.

Our dead-tree calendar is at the quick to track a post-year-end surge. Our emotional calendar is ready to track a degree of calm starting on the 20th and the effect of vaccines through the year.

Our thumb calendars are ready to track a year of state license plates: maybe this year…Delaware! New laundries loom on the vast horizon.

Eight maids a-milking wish a Happy New Year. 🗓 🎊 🎆 🎈