New Year’s Day 2024

Many have lived one more year. Many have been fruitful.

Into our year we began a search for the best huevos rancheros Santa Fe has to offer. We have a couple final choices, but the search goes on.

In April I began taking notes.

As weeks passed we fed Fred—or several Freds—the yard lizards. We became their pets. We bought a steady worm supply. They showed us how many worms they wanted in each sitting.

In late spring, we got a new patio. We were careful to save Fred’s special flagstone. Patio complete, we placed Fred’s flag right where it had been. Before long, Fred came back to it.

Growing season led to a garden of—among other things—corn and pot. Two pot plants cost $35 each, so we gave them gentle treatment. Shelter in a storm. The corn yield was puny. Two pot stalks made for a good Christmas gift haul.

It was our year of new iPhones: big ones, for a change. These jazzed up models have advanced cameras—which Jill enjoys. And their battery life is impressive—which we both like. Life is short: we decided to blow some bucks.

We drove south to Tucson for Thanksgiving, the zoo, and saguaros. We visited Cousin Connie and dogs Lola and Quinn.

Then we headed east toward Las Cruces in search of the common cold. We walked up to Dripping Springs, somewhat further than the advertised distance. By the time we headed out of Las Cruces, we’d nabbed our quarry.

We drove on up to Socorro to see the birds again on the way home. I had forgotten my lifetime Senior National Parks Pass. Jill bought a month-long pass to use in the interim. We saw cranes, ducks and coots, but no javalinas.

We took some load off the Earth. We converted our home from fossil fuel to electricity. At least some of the power comes from “green” energy sources: solar arrays and wind farms. The heat pump is far quieter than the gas furnace, with more consistent heating. And we’ve never before lived in air conditioning.

We’ll have to adapt to lesser water pressure due to the on-demand tankless water heater. We removed the shower throttler they installed.

We have lived one more year. We were fruitful.

We’ll keep trying ’til we get it right.