Not to decide is to decide

The human mind is powerful.

It is full of wonder. So many of us, in recorded history. And who, indeed, can record history? As the number of humans are fruitful and multiply, so must the wonder. Civilizations rise. Tools improve. Buildings climb. Writings abound. Beliefs blossom.

What glories unfold!

As the number grows, so must the power and the need. The need for more food and space. This is the hottest year in Earth’s history. (And remember: who recorded the history of heat?) Some of the humans warned years ago of human power in causing the growing heat. Other humans’ beliefs didn’t grow.

How much human suffering will yield a tiny heat mitigation? At night, inside our house has been as hot as I used to find hard to handle in daytimes. Not to decide is to decide.

So it goes with our laundry. Clothing is powerful. It’s full of wonder. As soon as I’ve cleaned a hamper via laundry, new laundry rises. As if overnight: no mercy. Dirty underwear creeps up. Dirty shirts climb. Dirty hankies abound. Dirty pants blossom.

What laundry unfolds!

Our power grew. Our laundry tools improved: new washer and dryer. We had larger hampers before, and got smaller ones. With the smaller ones, the need grew. The more open-faced hampers warned us of our causing the growing pile.

How many dirty clothes yield laundering? At last I launder the pile. I may neglect the extra spin or the drying partway through. The heat in the garage climbs. Not to decide is to decide. Always at the end is a tiny fifteen minute chore stowing clean clothes. The cycle renews: new dirty clothes make fresh skid marks.

What a pile of dirt. Hampers. Climate change. Growing need. Neglect. Fresh skid marks. Will we change?

Not to decide is to decide.