Nuts to you

He’s a good man.

So few words say it all. Jimmy’s home. Presidents’ Day is here. But those Presidents were others. Ah, National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day is near. That makes me think of another one. Farmer Jimmy.

♪ Peas, peas, peas, peas, eatin’ goober peas! ♪

Peanut butter: smooth or crunchy? That’s almost like New Mexico’s question: red or green? Christmas! And traveling, another choice. Gas station packets of peanut butter snacks: plain crackers or “cheese” crackers?

Then there’s peanut butter and crackers at home. Eat’em open on the half-shell, or spread peanut butter and put a second cracker on top like a sandwich?

Yum, a PBJ. Peanut butter is the perfect topping on toast, along with jelly. Do you want some peanut butter yet? Grab a celery stick and dab some down the middle.

Visit the Old Bourbon County restaurant in Lexington, KY. With a sample from its extensive bourbon selections, you may try a unique appetizer. Bacon dipped in—you guessed it—peanut butter. (Everything’s better with bacon.)

Find peanut butter in lots of places. Breakfast bars, cookies, granola, brownies, crepes, croissants, candies, and sauces. Peanut butter is, well, flexible. Not pretentious. Even the Aztecs and Incas spread the word.

Marcellus Gilmore Edson first patented roasting peanuts for butter. I recall some Aussie fellow also got a patent for the wheel, too. So go figger. John Harvey Kellog patented a process by boiling instead of roasting. Whatever. George Washington Carver wrote a book with peanut butter’s many praises.

Wikipedia says folks in Canada and the Netherlands eat more peanut butter than in the US. Amazing.

♫ Goodness! How delicious! Eatin’ goober peas! ♫

We wish Jimmy Carter well. He is to the Presidency what peanut butter is to crackers.