Of donkeys and elephants

Compare and contrast.

You may remember from grade school. The teacher assigned an essay on two subjects, like warm and soft, or cats and dogs, or apples and oranges. Your task was to describe the similarities and differences. Compare and contrast.

How about laundry and elections?

Start with stinky dirt. By comparison, both laundry and elections have plenty to go ’round and ’round ’neath the gaping jaws. There’s always unmentionables and dirty socks to the teeth. Toss in a few wrinkly dress shirts—some with sleeves rolled. Add some heavy pants with pockets—don’t forget to empty the pockets—maybe worn ragged at bended knees. (Ties, if any, are done by hand.) And some extra spin may be in order.

One might think both laundry and elections are cleansing and rather dry. Both are taxing; but by contrast, elections tax far longer. Though both may be bleached, we have stain remover for laundry; with elections, the stains may remain. With laundry, it comes out in the wash; with elections, dirt keeps floating to the top. Laundry may lie flat, but elections may have flat-out lies.

Sooner or later laundry and elections go into the hamper. Arms will Hammer your door again. On TV you will hear of All great Gains in the rising Tide. Don’t forget to clean the lint screen.

Blather, rinse, repeat.