APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

Perspective on the Best of 2017 in Review

My corn didn’t hurt this year.

We saw Port Aransas before Harvey did and Camel Rock before its nose fell off.

Clear skies often—and fresh air.

Rain fell more than once! The Galisteo River actually ran.

Junior Tree had many leaves.

We saw some 60 cactus varieties flower at Jill’s Master Gardener plot.

The green chile crop this year was just right. (Last year was dangerous.) I developed a taste for nuances of red chiles, too.

We saw the license plates of all 50 states near 2.9 times. (We’re usually lucky at just once: we keep tabs.)

We did considerable culling and made over $1K with a (long postponed) garage sale.

We recoated the roof and hired painters to for canalés and garage door.

We went—though not as early risers—to Balloon Fiesta.

We dressed as horses’ asses at Halloween.

We saw saguaros, a vast cholla garden, and Joshua trees.

We survived.