Rhymes with orange

Door hinge. Of course. I remember.

Halloween reminds me of orange, sweet and pasty, like pumpkins. And sweet potatoes, yams, and cooked carrots: yucky tricks. But oranges? A treat!

Few if any may brave Covid19’s spike this Halloween. We’ll have no outer lights, and if there’s a knock, crack the door hinge masked. I think hoarded eggs or TP won’t hit our house.

We hope the election won’t be a trick, but rather a treat. We braved the nascent spike to take our absentee ballots to the voting arena downtown. A volunteer dutifully pulled stickums off the envelopes to make sure we’d signed, then slid them into the depository. I guess they’ll be properly sanitized before counting.

We voted to retain Supreme Court Justice Shannon Bacon, the only politician whose TV ads we looked forward to unmuting. They were a fun and positive treat, saying that the Courts would be Better with Bacon. Really! Who doesn’t like bacon? There are two types of people: those who love bacon, and liars.

Bacon is the ultimate treat. Everything goes better with bacon. Even thoughts, imagination, and…bacon! A balanced diet is a slice of bacon in one hand and another slice in the other hand. Bacon is the sixth major food group. Bacon!

So it is that there’s another orange food I enjoy: eggs over medium (not sweet and pasty) and bacon. Maybe with potatoes (not sweet), hashed brown. And maybe even with a little green chilé. Maybe some sweet orange marmalade on my whole wheat toast.

Someday, we may visit a favorite restaurant for this breakfast treat with no fear of Covid19.

A sweet dream.