Sing along

2020 hasn’t been the year we expected.

Last night my earworm was Nat King Cole singing about those “Lazy hazy crazy days of summer.” Crazy, yes. We’ll “wish that summer could always be here”? In this case, no.

It seems so long ago, as if it were yesterday, that we cancelled our spring trip to see Texas bluebonnet fields. Ah, well: we didn’t spend as much on gas, and Texas may thank us for less pollution. Lazy days.

Yeah, “astronomical” Summer doesn’t end until 7:31AM MDT, Tuesday, September 22; “meteorological” Summer ended midnight August 31; and Labor Day marked the “unofficial” end of Summer. Between a record high temperature on Labor Day and a record low two days later, it feels like Fall. Hazy days.

Some hummingbirds have stayed through last night’s snowfall and today’s frigid and rainy 34°. They’re still hitting up the feeders. I wanted to take them under my arms for warmth. They’re persistent little hummers. I wonder how soon they’ll head on out to Texas and points south. Crazy days.

Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer.