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Thanksgiving 2020 🙏🏽

For what?

I’m thankful I’m not in an ICU bed on a ventilator with Covid19.

I’m thankful at least two worthwhile Covid19 vaccines seem close to ready.

I’m thankful at least a few folks seem to be thinking about wearing masks and keeping politely distant.

I’m thankful my favorite seems to have a good chance of being the next President and we may have a modicum of calm…for a while.

I’m thankful to breathe New Mexico’s crisp clean air and to have remembered a little more often now and then to look up at its clear blue and starry night skies.

I’m thankful for the zings of green and red.

I’m thankful for the house and home in which we’ve lived for so many years.

I’m thankful for the long friendship and deep love of my wonderful wife.

I’m thankful for how dang lucky I’ve been, and the flip-of-a-coin choices I’ve made, to sneak through and be able to enjoy all these and so many other things.

I’m thankful that memories lend hope.

…and I am thankful for the one fleeting and unspeakably great and grand glorious moment when the laundry’s done. Done!