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Thanksgiving 2021

Albo P Fossa—November 24, 2021

Let there be light!

That’s what we heard toward the end of October. Why not put up the lights? Lights galore sold in stores. On TV, little lights glittered to familiar jingles. Bagolitos popped up around town. Plaza lights will be ready to greet shoppers.

It’s never too early. Shop while supplies last and before shipping delays loom. The Fritos are already gone. Just in time for Thanksgiving: foodie time.

We ate leftovers to make space in this year’s new freezer for a small smoked turkey. We hope this year’s new stove does well with a pre-cooked bird. After dinner we’ll package leftovers. (“Turkey? AGAIN?”) And we may sacrifice some goods to this year’s new garbage disposal.

The bird out of the freezer made room for bags of Frito pie base. Someday, FritoLay will get their wrapper supply chain fixed, and Fritos will abound. Someday, we’ll have Frito pies to alternate with green chilé turkey soup. Yum!

2021 has been our Year of Machinery: the big three in the kitchen, and some others. A pandemic of replacements, you might say. In light of their value as distraction from an otherwise weird year, we may be thankful.

Another repair in this year has been the living room lamp: new bulb sockets and a new cord. And now, on the cord, instead of a rolling switch, a thumb press. Let there be light!

The year, around us, has been somewhat a pandemic of failures and darkness. Yet we may be thankful for the memory, humor, and life that remain.

Let there be light!