APFwebs: Letters from the Editor


We learned on August 3 that PNM has posted a $76M quarterly loss”. Boo, hoo. PNM says milder weather is partly to blame. What else? Folks may simply be using less utilities in general. PNM and others have often aired hints on TV as to how we may do so. The result? Wiser usage and milder weather: less demand. PNM will no doubt lay into the PRC for higher rates. Ratepayers will have to pay for using less utilities. Less is more?

NM agencies have denied ICE access to Workforce Solutions records. In view of the Mississippi raid which yielded imprisonment of near 700 workers all one may say to NM agencies is “Thanks.”

For soon, ICE may run short of funding for immigrant housing. ICE may conclude that an elegant solution is housing in the immigrants’ own homes.

And who among is is not an immigrant? Your papers, please? For the Homeland Leader does not yet say that work yields freedom. Howdy, victory!

Putin, Trump, Xi, Kim… sounds like a bunch of names out of a medieval tale.

Ol’ McConnell had a farm…

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men? The Shadow knows… (bwahahaha…)

A Great Force of Light must come to banish the Vile Dark Plague to the Forgotten Realm of Minority. Reductio ad absurdum. (cymbals!)

United we stand, divided we fail. Suggested goals for the Democrats:

Ah, letters, schmetters. After El Paso, our great Gubernator asked something like, “When is enough enough?” Enough is always enough, I reckon. That’s why we call it that. ¿C?