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Walls are mirrors

Trump is into walls: the infamous wall along our Mexican border, for which US citizens—not Mexico—will pay billions. And now trade walls, against solar panels and washing machines and…

On March 26, in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Ken Thomas wrote Trump, Ryan face off in rare pub­lic clash over tar­iffs:

House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Repub­li­can al­lies of Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump pleaded with him Mon­day to back away from his threat­ened in­ter­na­tional tar­iffs, which they fear could spark a dan­ger­ous trade war. Trump re­torted: “We’re not back­ing down.”

The pres­i­dent said U.S. neigh­bors Canada and Mex­ico would not be spared from his plans for spe­cial im­port taxes on steel and alu­minum…

“We’ve had a very bad deal with Mex­ico; we’ve had a very bad deal with Canada. It’s called NAFTA,” he de­clared.

Over­seas, Jean-Claude Juncker, pres­i­dent of the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, said the Euro­pean Union could re­spond by tax­ing Amer­i­can goods in­clud­ing bour­bon, blue jeans and Har­ley David­son mo­tor­cy­cles.

Trump threat­ened to tax Euro­pean cars if the EU boosts tar­iffs on Amer­i­can prod­ucts in re­sponse to his plan.

Meanwhile, Trump has spent a third of his first year of service at Mar-a-Lago, golfing. We may recall he said of his predecessor, “Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., [he] spent the day playing golf.”

One very cost-effective wall for US citizens to build would be around Mar-a-Lago, with Trump inside. There he could play golf all the live-long day, sealed off from Twitter and the onus of sensible dealings with the real world.

Perhaps the Mar-a-Lago walls should be of stainless steel, to provide mirrors for self adulation.

So good-looking.