APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM

Can you hear me now?

January 21st, 2017

The timing was just right. Wrong.

I hate having a cold. But we did. The first sign was, our ears didn’t pop as we went from an elevation of 7199 feet to even the Gulf of Mexico. Next came the coughs and snot. Blunting of tastes and odors. Numerous tissues in a plastic HazMat bag kept in the car. Brutal.

Even so, we had great fun in Texas. We left the cold of Santa Fe to see palm trees and dip our toes in the Gulf, and points between. Two weeks. With colds. Hearing the Gulf differently depending upon how I aimed my unpopped ears. But what the heck?

Two visits to the Texas Hill Country punctuated by a visit to the Gulf. Many photo-ops for exotic ruminants, birds, and succulents. Wine tastings (hanky always close at hand). Drip, drip…

There’s something about a cold. It can prey on my attention. Especially this one. I often shook my head and yawned, begging my ears to pop. And the friction burns on my nose from tissue. Yes, phlegm is the body’s way to try to expel the foreign substance of a virus. But I almost wish for a more tasteful method. Disgusting.

No vacation from the cold.

We tried a drug store pill to cut the mucus. No effect. At one motel we exhausted the supply of tissue. We bought a couple boxes of our own—one for the car, one for the motel room. More HazMat tools.

Two weeks, then we returned to Santa Fe. Cold inside and out. Cough!

At least, on the way home, our ears popped.