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Read, understand, and follow…

Sign of the times.

Trump has ordered import tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. That his fans yet follow surpasseth all understanding.

Corporate America hates these supply chain hits. Steelworkers may lose jobs. Auto makers say prices may rise. Beer prices, too—oh noes! A Trump supporter had a hard time bringing US jobs back from China thanks to the tariffs. Trump supporters? Guess.

David J. Lynch, Washington Post

But what the heck? Santa Fe may gain clearer skies. No, The City Different doesn’t have any smoggy steel or auto plants to shut down. The closest we’ll get to that is wildfires: soon enough, maybe. I’m talking clearer skies through fewer signs!

Santa Fe loves signs, blockin’ out the scenery. Disaster? Santa Fe: there oughta be a sign. Several ped and cyclist warnings adorn each railroad crossing. The June 12 headline: Po­lice study bike crashes. Re­port says there’s not enough data yet to draw con­clu­sions about trends, but city gets some ideas about how to re­duce col­li­sions, in­clud­ing new signs.

Tripp Stel­nicki, Santa Fe New Mexican, [emphasis mine]

Of course the signs assume folks will read, understand, and follow the instructions. Assume.


But never mind. Way I see it, through all the haze of coming wildfires we might not be able to afford, is this. With steel and aluminum tariffs, the price of signs may rise.

Yep, signs are danged expensive. Santa Fe might have to break this serious addiction. (Signs Anonymous? “I’m Santa Fe and I’m a Signaholic.”)

Unless Santa Fe goes to ebay (not likely, I think) a sign can cost upwards of $300. This doesn’t include the necessary government bureaucracy of discovering proper sign placement and the labor of proper planting. And quality control. Metal tariffs may put a screeching pause into all this for a City with a stretched budget.

Supply chain. But fewer signs blocking the view?

Sign of the times.