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Red or green

Based on Covid19 cases per capita, each New Mexico county gets health rules rated Red, Yellow, or Green. Senate Republicans asked the Governor to revise this framework. They called for the red level restrictions to be replaced with those at the yellow level, and the yellow with the green. Replace green with “not seen”. (Red? For what?)

Our first Covid19 order was a blanket #StayHome: travel only for necessity food, medical and such. Deserted streets. Loud mufflers on straightaways punctuated the once quiet night air. Why bother with stop signs? Mass has right of way. Red became the new green.

New Mexico’s state question is “Red or green?” Which chile do you want? Say “Christmas” for both. For a long time I favored green. New Mexico has many exquisite reds. Red is my new green.

Red or green? Maybe by Christmas Santa Fe will have a shot at a new normal.