Who will stand up?

Hems and haws greet old Joe.

He may forget the day of the week, or a name, or what he had for supper last week Monday. Some of us do. I dare say, most.

In today’s paper was a story about Biden and Trump. It described the frailties of each. They’re similar, yet now, ol’ Joe has focus. His opponent, the Donald, is old enough to be Joe’s younger brother. He may take the stage and prance and ridicule his older sibling.

The Trumpster begs family enemies to “do what the hell they want” to collect family debts. (Not his.) “Somebody has to pay,” he says. He urges Putin to go after NATO. (But The Donald’s debts are immune.)

With these two, and many in Congress, old farts run the country. The young squirts prefer to guffaw and whine like spoiled brats. Instead of standing to the task, they’d opt for “None of the above.”

We remember radical ideas of liberty and freedom. They led the colonists to separate from a corrupt and overbearing monarchy. Now we see those ideas inspire a conservative mob. They threaten rebellion in that land of freedom the colonists built.

Mark Twain said, “The radical of one century is the conservative of the next.” And “The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them.”

Liberals and conservatives laugh and call each other names. Young squirts knock the old farts whom they will soon become. Politics are no longer polite. We need each other, but familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt yields inaction. And rot.

America has reached enshittification. Cory Doctorow invented this term. The American Dialect Society called it Word of the Year for 2023. It describes how things that matter, that we rely on, turn into giant piles of shit.

Went to shit and only farted.