APFwebs: Letters to the Editor

Memorial Day 2017

Summertime, summertime.

Memorial Day’s a memory. Time for no-seeums (or we call them “see-ums”, because an attacking cloud is a stunning sight). Time for hail: we hope Junior Tree doesn’t become salad as happened in his first year.

Time for tornado season: it seems to have gotten more wild over the years. Maybe my poor weather memory. Other weather seems to have gotten more whacko, too. More severe storms, more wildfires, more drought in some places and flooding in others, more extremes of cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Global warming?

It’s near time for some of the year’s hottest days in Santa Fe: hot enough to eat green chile to cool off your mouth. Up to now, we’ve gotten by without an air conditioner or even a swamp cooler. Just closed windows in daylight hours and circulating fans for cool nights have sufficed.

But the last couple years have been hot enough that the hummingbirds lay hard-boiled eggs, Kitty Hippy walks to chase lizards, and we can imagine Junior Tree whistling for dogs.

Two days ago, the idiot light in my car warned I was low on windshield-washing fluid. Actually, several idiot lights. A little windshield symbol near the speedometer, an “i” atop the information display in the center panel, and a descriptive message on the center panel whenever braking produced enough G-force. Car intelligence.

But the car knows (displays) the outdoor temperature, and yet doesn’t know when to turn on the air conditioning. Dang!

It could get so hot the car could overheat before I drive it.