APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

No spring chickens


Happy birthday, y’old coot. Bob Brown turned that age January 26.

He was my partner back when we both gasped and strutted like proud chickens when our giant IBM mainframe’s memory was upgraded to 1 megabyte.

1M! That’s 32 times the memory size of my first computer, an old refrigerator-sized IBM 360/20 with maybe 32K. And your average watch, phone, tablet or laptop has at least two thousand times more.

One partition of our old mainframe ran Bob’s operating system, MVS; the other, my VM. We took many user questions and gripes: stories for the years. Two chickens to paralyze, indeed.

Santa Fe has nearly tripled in size since we worked in that sub-basement 4 floors down. I could then drive my VW van up from Albuquerque, often through stretches with no other traffic.

So we celebrated the 26th. Bob, you said I’d never catch up. I guess you’re right. It ain’t for lack of tryin’: I have chicken skin too.