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Code of the three Rs

Albo P Fossa—September 26, 2022

I didn’t think I’d miss laundry.

“Eff…forty five” was our Kenmore chant. The dryer’s control panel showed the code. It came from a load imbalance and a loose belt, never repaired.

An F45 now and then reduced the laundry routine’s tedium.

At last, a new dryer rumble came after many years. The dryer had aged with our ears. We thought to repair instead of replace: “reduce, reuse, recycle.” (Our bad. Siri told us our dryer had reached the end of its days.)

We called in mid-August. Sears Home scheduled a visit. Parts shipment and robo-call reschedules marked delays. A repairer visited near a month after the first call. We thought of the need to replace instead of reuse.

We missed laundry! We had near three weeks with no dryer.

With a threat of paying $500 to reuse, we decided to replace. A new dryer for twice the price could come in a week. They may recycle the Kenmore’s corpse

We sought a refund for the delayed and botched repair. We called both Sears and Visa. (F45 grumbles: we’re tumbled and dried from the tedious effort.)

Ah, well: it’s another machinery week. The day before the new dryer, comes a diagnosis for a new craft ice maker for our fridge. The ice maker, not all that old, had been making grumbles too. It quit putting out. A new ice maker will put out big balls, in time to celebrate a new dryer.

No, not a dry martini. A good ol’ couple reg’lar cocktails on the back porch under the starlit sky. Monsoon’s about over. The last batch of hummingbird food’s in the feeders.

Let Kenmore wither. Our menu options have changed.