APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

Thank you very much

Elvis is still dead.

Election’s over: back on your knees.

Congress keeps gridlocks. Even more so, now that one party has a slight edge in the House and the other in the Senate. Nothing gets done. We see government inaction: high salaries and perks for jobs with no performance reviews.

But at least objecting White House staff and press corps members are ejected so we don’t have to hear about it. No news is good news. Right?

So, election night’s smears stopped, freeing TV airwaves for year-end ads. Soon, Veterans’ Day, and then, Thanksgiving draws nigh. But wait: Black Friday deals are already here—or so we hear. Black Month: don’t wait, get’em quick.

Hey, I know. A modest proposal: let’s leave Black Friday as the fourth Friday in November and move Thanksgiving to January 7 (right after Twelfth Night). Then we may be truly thankful for:

Thank you very much.