APFwebs: Letters from the Editor

So this Trump “walks” into a bar…

Bartender says, “Hey, fellah, you look hands down like a joke. What’ll yuh have?”

The Trump says, “Yeah, I keep havin’ to fire my staff one by one, the IRS is witch-hunting my taxes, everyone thinks I’m a bald-faced liar, and a sleazy woman is talkin’ about little things. No joke! Gimme Harvey Wallbanger.”

Bartender winks, “Fire’n’fury, eh? I’ll take yer word you gotta driver. House vodka?”

The Trump says, “Naw, Absolut. Wait: that’s better in a Moscow Mule.”

Bartender says, “Yeah, that’d get my vote. What for the little lady yer with?”

The Trump says, “She’d like a low-proof Puerto Rican rum. Not house. Not powerful. Not water. Just a light piña colada. Maybe Don Q.” (The Trump winks.) “I promise I’ll pay.”

On March 17, Dan­ica Coto (AP) reported, Puerto Rico still plead­ing for help. She wrote, “…tens of thou­sands of Puerto Ri­cans are still wait­ing for per­ma­nent shel­ter, wa­ter or power as the next At­lantic hur­ri­cane sea­son ap­proaches.”

Trump’s promise to Puerto Rico at the time was, “We’re with you.” Maybe with was in quotes.

Just joking.