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When’ll my box get there?

Albo P Fossa—November 7, 2022

I asked.

Apple won’t deliver to a Post Office Box. We sent our street box address. The box came to our door stoop. Our carriers don’t ring twice. They didn’t knock to have us sign. Wrapped and taped inside were boxes with our new iPads, Apple stickers, and instruction cards. We knew: “To use, use.”

Soon an email came with a label. I printed it and boxed up and taped an iPad for recycling. We sent the box. In a few days, on the stoop, was the other iPad’s trade-in box. Inside was a label, tape, and a card with instruction sketches. We sent the box.

We sent for iPad cases and boxes that look like books. In a box they came to the Post Office Box. Wrapped and taped inside the box were boxes of cases with instruction cards. We knew: “To use, use.”

We had tracking numbers, ingoing and outgoing. So we could ask when the boxes would get there.

Think inside the box. The USPS has free Priority mailing boxes. Put an address card inside when you tape and send a box lest the box gets lost.

The USPS sells gift boxes. They nestle in the flat rate mailing boxes. Don’t wrap: add a pretty card. “Don’t open ’til Christmas!” In the decorated box put small gifts. Wrap, tape, ribbon, and card each one with a name and greeting.

One small wrapped treasure might be a pretty little box crafted of wood. (E.g., boxwood, Buxus, family Buxaceae). The little box holds the artist’s business card. But it’s a gift of nothing: its inner space is what makes it useful. Space: the final frontier.

In the clearing stands a boxer…

Taped. 8 and 9 tracked. I asked.