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Time is money

—July 28, 2022

Numbers count.

That’s what my calculator app says. And my old Radio Shack EC-4075 Programmer’s Hex&Time calculator, still keeping time after forty some years.

The cost to make a penny is a little over two cents. A nickel costs a little over seven cents. The dime is a bargain at under four cents.

But take them at face value. Consider just three net worths in 2022. Bill Gates at 133 billion, Jeff Bezos at 136.8 billion, and Elon Musk at 500 billion. That’s a potload of pennies. (Heck, a potload of dollars, too, considering a billion is a million a thousand times over.)

Now, think of each penny as a year: a decade for a dime and a century for a dollar. Hold that thought.

The Webb telescope has seen the oldest galaxy yet: visible a bit over two hundred million years since the Big Bang—the beginning of time itself. The Earth is over four hundred million years old. (Remember, million, with an “m”.)

Take point A, the Big Bang, and point B, how long after the Big Bang this new galaxy had enough light to be visible. Now take point C, the beginning formation of Earth, and point D, where we are today. The distance from point C to point D is near twice the distance from point A to point B. That’s a long way.

My puny little mind at face value, when I think of “forward” I also think of its opposite, “backward”. Aging is time forward and it came from time backward. It’s a puzzle how point A could be less distant from point B than point C is from point D. But that’s beside the point.

Remember that thought you held, a year for every penny? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk in years? The age of the Universe until Earth today would seem a pittance.

♪ Put them all together, they spell Mo-o-o-ther… ♪

Makes cents to me.